One of the things that I always wanted to do on my digital soapbox was to help spread the culture of DJing and help everyone involved get their time to shine.

One of those ways I want to help spread the knowledge is by introducing people that are in our world, big and small, using something that is commonly referred to as the 5 W’s. If you’re a journalist, you probably already know what that means but if you’re not and you live under a big rock, you probably have no idea what it is.  The 5 W’s are Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Basically, if you can answer those five things about a person, a place, or a thing, there’s nothing more that needs to be said as everything important about that subject is covered.

So this is what I’m thinking. I plan on having, as a regular feature, the 5 W’s on a different person related to the music industry on a regular basis. It could be the big name DJ or it could be the ticket booth clerk that sells the tickets. It could be the name music producer or it could be the person that sweeps the studio out after the session is over. Really, it’s anybody’s guess. The only factor that will never change is that the person(s) involved must have a strong connection to the music industry in some shape, form, or fashion.

So keep your ears and eyes open, I’m hate to bust ya bubble but my own magnificent 🙂 5 W story will be the first.

Yes, I can hear the whines of a politically correct nation now… That’s so unfair…. Why not me, Why not DJ so and so, blah, blah.

Well, because it’s my soapbox. And nobody is getting a piece of the pie I’m baking first.  But send me an email and let’s talk about getting you on next. If you work somewhere in the music industry and you want to be highlighted, contact me, and let’s see where it goes.